Mana is the essence that Fate discharges which pervades the entire Omniverse of Alchemilia. It is usually the primary method of utilizing Magic, allowing mortals can learn to harness this energy in order to tamper with Phenomena, and ultimately Fate itself. However, Mana manifests itself in different forms within each Universe, meaning that the methods to control Mana differ from Universe to Universe.

Mana in Rosaceae Prime

The Mana in Rosaceae Prime is categorized into five different basic elements where a person can only be born with the ability to control one element at any given time. However, there are also different ranks of Mana with varying degrees of strength and ability that can be Triggered/Influxed at a time, where a Mage is not limited to one type at a time.

The five basic elements are:

  • Fire: This Mana provides a combustive effect to the Mage's spells, allowing for more offensive variations to be used.
  • Water: This Mana provides a fluid effect to the Mage's spells, allowing for more flexibility and change in the Magic used.
  • Air: This Mana provides a hastening effect to the Mage's spells, allowing for the Mage's spells to cover distance at a much quicker pace.
  • Earth: This Mana provides a durability effect to the Mage's spells, allowing for more defensive variations to be used.
  • Aether: This Mana provides no special effects to the Mage's spells as it is merely Mana in its purest form.

The different ranks of Mana are:

  • Blue Mana: This Mana is just regular Mana that requires no specifications to manipulate.
  • Black Mana: This Mana is extremely dense and is able to cause far more destruction that regular Mana. One must be Awakened in order to utilize this form of Mana.
  • White Mana: This Mana is not as dense as Black Mana; however, a single unit of this type of Mana is able to fuel a myriad of Magics without being exhausted and can also cause extreme Phenomena Distortion. One must be a Host for an Artifact to be able to use this form of Mana.
  • Yin-Yang Mana: This Mana is a mixture of both Black and White Mana, which allows for extreme destruction. It also allows the negation and overpowering of all other Mana types except for Primordial Mana. One must be a Host for an Artifact in order to use this form of Mana.
  • Primordial Mana: This Mana is harnessed by absorbing all other forms of Mana in the user's vicinity and compressing it into an impossibly dense Mana. Its power is ultimately unconquerable and when it is Triggered/Influxed, it automatically absorbs all other Triggered/Influxed Mana and adds to its own power. It is unknown what the qualifications needed for the use of this Mana is, as only one person was able to wield it.
  • Ancient Mana: This Mana is directly linked to Fate itself and is the purest and most primitive form of Mana. It can only be Triggered/Influxed via Ancient Magic and is on par with Black Mana.

Mana in Rosaceae Secunda

The Mana in Rosaceae Secunda differs greatly from its first iteration, Rosaceae Prime, as Mana no longer possessed elements, but rather condensed itself into layers that held a symbiotic relationship with the existential planes of the Universe. This allows the Mana in Rosaceae Secunda to overwrite Phenomena in a totally different way where there was no Cultivation Ranking in Rosaceae Prime, one emerged in Secunda as a Mage needed to advance their attunement to Fate in order to achieve higher levels of Phenomena overwriting. It was said that those who achieved the pinnacle of Cultivation could be referred to as "Masters of Fate."

The different layers of Mana are:

  • Blue Mana: The most basic and closest layer of Mana to the material world. It shares a symbiotic relationship with the Physical Plane of existence and can manipulate the Universal Constants governing Physics to a limited degree in a limited area. Blue Mana can be used to conjure physical and material objects with enough training.
  • Black Mana: The second most basic layer of Mana. Black Mana shares a symbiotic relationship with the Messianic Plane of existence and can manipulate any supernatural or imaginative constructs. Black Mana cannot be manifested into a physical object unlike Blue Mana, however.
  • Red Mana: The third layer of Mana that governs the Law of Causality between an already existing Cause-Effect relationship. It shares a symbiotic relationship with the Mental Plane of existence and can only be utilized to undo an Effect stemming from a Cause. Red Mana is not able to produce any Causation effects by itself.
  • White Mana: The fourth layer of Mana that can be declared as the progenitor of Red Mana as it governs both Logic and Causality. White Mana shares a symbiotic relationship with the Causal Plane of existence and can directly influence Cause-Effect relationships on a higher level than Red Mana. Furthermore, White Mana is able to directly insert and induce a Cause; however, White Mana is extremely inflexible and can only be used in certain situations where all the Quantum Strings resonate at the same frequency. Additionally, when White Mana is Triggered/Influxed, all other types of Mana will dissipate according to the instructions of the Triggered/Influxed White Mana with the exception of Colorless Mana. Despite this, White Mana is the only type of Mana capable of defying the Universal Logic.
  • Purple Mana: The fifth layer of Mana which governs information and knowledge. It shares a symbiotic relationship with the Buddhaic Plane of existence. Purple Mana is capable of forcefully altering or distorting the effects of other Triggered/Influxed Mana aside from White Mana.
  • Yellow Mana: Yellow Mana is the sixth layer of Mana where it governs all forms of perception. It shares a symbiotic relationship with the Astral Plane of existence and is able to create both illusions and pocket dimensions. Yellow Mana can also be used to widen or shorten a Mage's perception of distance, allowing for the creating of endless rooms or teleportation.
  • Colorless Mana: The seventh and final layer of Mana, Colorless Mana is able to govern Existence and the Space-Time Continuum itself. Sharing a symbiotic relationship with the Akashic Plane of existence, Colorless Mana is able to manipulate any aspect of Reality as the Mage sees fit, so long as it fits within the constructs of the Universal Logic. When Triggered/Influxed, it produces the same effect as White Mana where all other forms of Mana must obey, including White Mana itself and excluding Purple Mana. It can be said that Colorless Mana is the Mana that manipulates Probability.
  • Yin-Yang Mana: A special form of Mana that only the Silvari can utilize. It weaves White and Black Mana together to create effects that can potentially reshape the Universe. Despite this, the usage of this Mana comes at a large cost of one's life and furthermore, is only capable of being Triggered/Influxed by the pinnacle of Mana Cultivators.
  • Silver Mana: The progenitor of all Mana, it is only usable by the pinnacle of Mana Cultivators. This Mana is capable of achieving anything the Mage desires regardless of Logic or Universal Constraints. It can be absolutely devastating if used incorrectly.