Universe Hexapla character
Kasai Masato
Also known as: The Red Dragon Overlord, God of the Elements, God Slayer, Satan Spawn, Monster, Akuma
Franchise: Tales of Alchemilia
Appears in: Rosaceae Gakuen: A School to Save The World
Character type: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Aether, Slayer
Affiliation: Red Cloaks, Masato Family
Gender: Male
Birthday: 4/29/2040
Height: 5'11
Weight: 91 kg
Blood type: O-
Place of Origin: Dragon Island
Armament: Death Embodiment Ring
Likes: All Types of Food, Women
Dislikes: Disgusting Food
Talents: Martial Arts, Magic
Family: Haze Masato (Father), Unknown Mother
Mana Color: Red, Black
Bloodline: Masato Family
Mage Rank: The Physical Truth
Magecraft: Negation, Copy, Absorb, Dominate, Control, Barrier, Time Freezing, White Mana, Red Dragon Emperor
Aptitude: Plus Tendency
Cast Speed: ∞/100
Cast Frequency: 50/100
Cast Stamina: ∞/100
Processing Ability: 50/100
Strong against: Melee, Ranged
Weak against: Nothing

Kasai Masato is one of the Legendary Six and was a major belligerent in the Second Great Magic War. Kasai is the son of Haze Masato who was one of The Six Gods. Kasai attended Rosaceae Gakuen when he was 15 years old.


Kasai is carefree and quite reckless. Despite his constant fights with the other members of the Legendary Six, he is a loyal and overprotective friend. He's willing to die for his friends, and fight for them no matter what the chances of winning are. He has a oddly straight forward point of view, and takes his problems head on. His answer for his problems are almost always force, and if he's not able to fix the problem, he assumes that he's not using enough of it.



From the time he  was born, Kasai possessed extreme prowess in Martial Arts, and he possessed a quite large quantity of Mana, for his size. His father noticed these traits, so he took it upon himself to train Kasai for the first fifteen years of his life. He later gained his family's Heirloom, "The Ring of Masato - Death Embodiment".

Later on, after he'd been jailed by the Kingdom, only to be saved by the Red Coats he fused/gained the Artifact called "The Kings Decree" during a ritual, which allowed him to dominate, negate, or absorb the Magic of another Mage without any repercussions. After some time of traveling with his companions, he suggested that they all take a break, to split up and partake in separate training.

Enrollment Into Rosaceae Gakuen

At the age of fifteen, Kasai was enrolled into one of the first Magic School within the world, and the only Magic School in Central: Rosaceae Gakuen. Kasai participated in the entrance and placement exams. In the placement exams, he had one of the lowest scores. Kasai was then placed in the Thorn Class.

Placements and the First Tournament

During the Placements, Kasai managed to defeat the entire Rose Class along with Takeo, and Ryan but were disqualified, placing the group at the bottom ranks. After this Exam Kasai signed the consent forms for PRS Data Tracking, that Iayo had brought to him, Hiro, Takeo, Vienna, Ryan, Soren, and Estelle. However Soren and Estelle didn't sign.

After this Kasai began searching for Kael, the 3rd highest ranked person within the school. When Kasai found Kael, he decided to respect his decision not to duel. Later on, Ayako, Yamato's sister, asked if she could train Kasai, until the next Exam started. Kasai trained with her until the time of the tournament, and when the time of the Tourney finally rolled around, Kasai and his companions destroyed the entire Rose Class with ease. After this, Celia ambushed the group and took first place. She then gives first place to Kasai.

The Red Chalice

After the Placement Exams, Kasai and his companions were sent to raid a Dungeon by their instructor, for the purpose of retrieving an artifact known as the Red Chalice. When they entered the Dungeon, they encountered various obstacles. Mot were Magical Traps, and Animated Monstrosities. Kasai and his companions defeated the defenses of the Dungeon and ended up in the Core Room, where the Red Chalice was held. However, they were immediately confronted by a creature known as a Nachzehrer whom was capable of

Char 2

Kasai, 16

absorbing all forms of Mana. Eventually, they defeated the Nachzehrer and retrieve the Red Chalice. After this, they encountered a high ranking member of The Fellowship, known as the Voice of Death. Luckily Haze, Iayo, and Takeshi appeared and kept The Voice of Death at bay, forcing his retreat.

After they secured the Red Chalice, they activated it, only to find it was an extremely advanced program capable of modifying the world with its Magic known as Cerridwen. As Cerridwen introduced itself and granted the group ten wishes, only two were used by Kasai and Takeo. Takeo had increased his reflexes and Kasai removed the limiters on his brain. Vienna refused any wishes, because she felt that she didn't need anything more than she already possessed.

Being Broken Out of Jail

With the first semester of school finally finished, Kasai was left in a quite bored state until the school administration allowed for all students to descend from the floating school and venture the reclaimed lands beneath in Central. As Kasai and his friends walked throughout the areas in Central, they eventually reached the slums where the victims of the First Great Magic War were attempting to live. Unfortunately, Kasai was insulted by one of the homeless and attacked him, causing the appearance of the District Lord and his police force. As Kasai was arrested and shipped off to a maximum security holding facility, the Red Cloaks arrive on the scene and slaughter the police and the Lord as well. It was during this time that Celia was revealed to be part of the Red Cloaks who was in disguise in order to find talented recruits in Rosaceae. Following a speech by the leader of the Red Cloaks, Sebastian, Takeo, Vienna, and the others decided to trust the Red Cloaks in order to ave Kasai.

Soon after, they underwent the ritual of Awakening. After the rituals, they journeyed to the base where Kasai was held, and freed him with the help of others. As they were about to free Kasai, forces garrisoned at the base and proved to be too powerful for them to handle, even with their new found powers. As the local Regent Master, Charlotte Kampfer possessed a legendary PRS capable of firing a quite destructive attack. Fortunately for them, Kasai's father, Local Regent Master Haze Masato appeared and decimated the enemy forces. The events were then followed by a surprise visit from Neku Ye, one of the Six Gods who managed to cover up the entire incident with his political power.

Kasai was then escorted to the base of the Red Cloaks with his friends and were immediately briefed by Sebastien regarding the current state of affairs in Central. It was their understanding that there was a giant Arcane Circle crated underneath Central, which would cause all the residents to vaporize and become part of the King's power. It was clear that there was an unknown threat in Central and that it needed to be weeded out. This caused Kasai and his friends to embark on a two year journey to train and gain strength before challenging the King.



Kasai, after gaining control of his Abilities

After he returned from his training, Kasai gained full control of his Dragon abilities, and his Artifact induced abilities. After his brief reunion with the others, they journeyed to the middle of Central in order to defeat the King of Central. Clearing the entire distance from Red Cloak base and the royal palace of Central in a single jump. Kasai crashed into the place with his friends, and brought havoc. It was quite clear that the two years had changed them, and their powers had grown to the point where even the Elite Royal Mages were easily defeated with their powers.

Kasai and the others eventually fought their way to the throne room, where they were confronted by the King's chamberlain who was promptly defeated before the fight with the King himself. who held an artifact known as the King's Cross, which was capable of creating a barrier that was nearly impenetrable and forcibly controlling others in their vicinity. As they began to lose against the King, and their deaths neared, two mysterious beings calling themselves Two and Candy and killed the King with relative ease before disappearing. Following the Death of the King, Vienna gave a major speech about returning to power and turning Central into a Republic. Although much of the cities were destroyed and a large repair job was to be had. During this time Kasai trained, and did little work. Although, he was named a founder of the New Central.

Clandestine Mission to Khyborn

After the reconstruction of New Central, Kasai and his friends were recalled to the Red Cloak's base only to be briefed by Neku regarding a new mission, Due to the recent events of Central, which used to be the linchpin of the world's state of temporary peace among the brewing of the Second Great Magic War, their military power and jurisdiction was greatly weakened, causing conflict among the international community, Thus as one of the strongest group of Mages, Kasai and his friends were sent to the distant land of Khyborn in the West for the purpose of aiding a peace-sympathetic ruler in East Khyborn. As Kasai and his group were on the way to the foreign land, they encountered a large sea creature known as Oceanus, an ancient Old God sealed away by Lily Ye due to its transgression against Nature.

After Kasai and his friends managed to weaken Oceanus enough, an enormous creature known as the Sea Cow appeared to devour and seal away Oceanus again, stating that it had repaid its old debt to Lily. Afterwards, Kasai and his friends safely ended their voyage to Khyborn and met with the commander of the Black Dogs, elite Mages of Khyborn who briefed them on a mission regarding their sinister neighbors, The Dominion who were sympathizers with major aggressors in the sparking of the Second Great Magic War. During the mission, they were sent as undercover students to the Dominion's Magic Academy. Even though it was an undercover mission, Kasai managed to draw the attention of the school faculty which led to the group confronting the principal of the school. After a short struggle, they managed to subdue and capture the principal, bringing him back to Khyborn for interrogation.

Aiding the War Effort Between Khyborn and the Dominion

Due to the actions of Kasai and his companions, The Dominion now publicly declared war on Khyborn and the situation was dire as the Dominion's forces far outnumbered that of Khyborn's. Luckily, the mysterious beings that appeared during their battle with Central's King appeared; however. this time a new being had arrived as well, calling herself One. During the war against Khyborn and the Dominion, an enormous conflict occurred which led to the complete annihilation of the landmass known as Central Dominion, winning the war temporarily. As a result, Kasai and his companions were given a new task in order to finalize Khyborn's victory over the Dominion. They were to journey to the Western Dominion which was the last bastion of the enemy's influence and destabilize their condition enough such that Khyborn could force them into a treaty which would cause their land to be ceded and annexed. However, due to the events of the war, use of force was strictly forbidden this time as they departed to Western Dominion.

As they arrived at Western Dominion, they played the parts of a noble and his entourage with Ryan playing the role of the noble. During their time there, they discovered that The Dominion was actually just an extension of Edelweiss rule and through a series of events, wrested power from the former Prince and Heir of the Western Dominion, Harold von Edelweiss which allowed Vienna to play a pivotal role in the forced ceding of the Western Dominion's land by first negotiating a trade agreement followed by an administration merge, causing the King of Khyborn to become the ruling figure of what would soon be known as the Khyborn Dominion.

Division of Loyalties

After Vienna solidified political standings between the royalty and nobility in both Khyborn and the Western Dominion, aiding in the creation of a new government and a centralized capital, they journeyed to Central Aemona, an allied state of Khyborn, in order to stop the subterfuge of their neighbors, the Sorphin Khanate. However when Kasai and his companions arrived, they discovered that their contracts had been assassinated by Mages sent from the Sorphin Khhanate. Upon being ambushed by these assassins Kasai and his group easily defeated the assassins and against better judgement, decided to attack and deestroy the Sorphin Khanate, confronting quadrillions of soldiers on their own.

After a long winded battle, Kasai and his companions managed to pull off a victory that would be later known as the Red Sea's Consequence due to the amount of blood that was shed that day. Despite such a victory, the great Khan Xaras Ihe Khaan challenged Kasai and his friends, causing a battle of great proportions which led to Mana Pollution within the entire continent of Aemona, causing it to be devoid of life. Thereafter, a strange airship landed before them before a man disembarked, calling himself the God Emperor Sin von Edelweiss and threatening to execute one of Ryan's loved ones he had taken hostage if he did not become a servant of the Holy Cyn Empire. After a moment of emotion, Ryan was forced to follow Sin with Takeo following suit in order to keep Ryan's loyalties in check. Vienna could not accept this as she had fallen in love with Takeo during the course of their journeys. Kasai attempted to defeat Sin, with the help of Vienna. Despite their efforts, Sin proved too powerful and nearly killed Vienna, if not for her ability to cheat death once by eating a Carrot at the cost of her Bunny Magic.


Five years later, Kasai mastered every last single one of his powers, giving him Control of all forms of Magic, including Black & White, giving him the ability of Yin-Yang Magic. At the time, the Holy Cyn Empire had declared war on Central and wreaked havoc. With great coincidence, Takeo and Ryan were assigned as the leaders of


23 Year Old Kasai

the first strike force against Central, as they arrived they were confronted by Kasai, leading to a battle between the three. Upon discovering Vienna's survival, they stopped fighting, and switched sides immediately, after repelling the forces of the Holy Cyn Empire, Kasai and his friends returned to the Holy Cyn Empire to rescue the hostage that Sin had took for use against Ryan, with their combined strength, Kasai and his companions managed to defeat Sin and completely decimate the entire continent, leaving not a single soul alive in the Holy Cyn Empire. Following these events, Vienna finally confessed her love to Takeo, whom also confessed his feelings. A wedding ceremony was held and they became husband and wife. This happiness between two, and the other members of the group did not last long, as a sudden and unexplained attack from Aliens brought forth a great swathe of destruction that tarnished the entire planet whereas Kasai and his friends were captured, their fates are currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities



  • Befitting for his origin, Kasai's Magical Power is nothing to look past. His physical strength and phenomenal speed is something to else which is to be highly feared. His raw and seemingly endless amount of Mana gives him certain advantages over most opponents that could easily earn him victory. Most of his opponents have noted that his Mana is quite unnatural, especially for a person his age. He can also control each of the Elements. Using this ability, he can combine them to create new elements, like Lightning, or Magma.

Fire Magic:

Water Magic:

Earth Magic:

Air Magic:

White Mana:

  • The Spear of Heaven (Ten No Yari): Kasai raises both of his hands into the air, generating and gathering White Mana into his open faced palms. The White Mana then takes the form of a massive spear, composed of said Mana, which eh hurls at the enemy. When thrown, it produces a massive blast of White Mana  that spirals out from the epicenter of the point where the spear impacted. The blast released by this technique upon impact can inflict a large amount of damage upon the enemy, wreaking havoc for an extended radius; it is capable of homing onto an opponent, dodging many obstacles until it reaches Kasai's intended target.

Aether Magic:

  • Minus Ball (Mainasubōru): Kasai gathers a large quantity of Mana into palms, as it takes a Sphere shape. After he finishes gathering the Mana, the balls condenses into a small sphere. He then throws it with extreme force, upon contact with the enemy the Sphere Explodes, sending out a giant destructive pulse with enough power to take out an entire city.

Dragon Magic:

  • Dragon Breath (Doragonburesu): Kasai gathers a rather large quantity of Dragon Fire into his lungs, and releases it as a condensed, Fire Beam at his enemy. The Beam of Fire contains enough heat to burn through Tungsten with relative ease.
  • Dragon Rage (Doragonreiji): Kasai enters a Dragonic like state, Dragon Scales covering his entire body, like armor. In this state, Kasai's Mana and Strength grow to an unbelievable level. This is one of his strongest, most dangerous skills.

Mana Destruction Mode (Mana hakai mōdo): In This State, Kasai is able to take on the abilities of a Skypian. In this state, he's even capable of mimicking the abilities of The Six Gods. This power, is by far Kasai's strongest ability. Although, once he's finished, his Mana is completely exhausted, and he enters a weakened state for a duration of time.


(Kasai to ???) "I'm a patient, fuck off." Kasai pointed to his bed. "So, anyways, FIGHT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

(Kasai to the other members of the Legendary Six) "Gimme five minutes, I wanna fight it alone. After five you guys can help."

(Kasai to the Cave Monster) "Ya still can't keep up, huh? Pick up the pace."

(Kasai to Izumi) "Something I can't eat?" Kasai opened his phone, looking through his text messages. He clicked Izumi's mothers name and looked at the photo's and messages "That's not what your mother said, you passive shrimp dicked little boy. Try again when your balls drop."

(Kasai to Izumi) "Doesn't matter, you're a pussy just like your mommy."

(Kasai to Izumi) "I didn't know I had such a pussy on the team...I'm disappointed in how weak you are and at the same time you're a coward. No wonder they murdered your mother. It's not your fault, it's hers for giving birth to you."

(Kasai to the Antagonist) Kasai began to yell as he his hair slowly shifted to a deep red. He slammed his fist into Sin's face, at Mach 20 "I don't like dirty shrimp dick faggots who kill my friends..."

(Kasai to Sin) "Mana Destruction Mode." It felt as if all the Mana inside the Mana Conduits had completely been erased. Red Energy sparked around Kasai, he had entered a state of that of a Skythian Person, accessing Skythia Energy. He charged a giant ball of it and launched it at Sin.

(Kasai to Vienna Ye and Ryan Ye) Kasai came flying down from the air in an explosion of White Mana and Aether. "So you faggots are evil now? I'll knock a few screws lose for ya."

(Kasai to an Old Man) "Oh, sorry old man. I thought you said Kasai. Your old shrimp dick had me confused."

(Kasai to Ryan Ye) "She's a princess, who the fuck cares what she wears? She's gonna rule the country one day."

(Kasai to Ryan Ye) "See ya, Ryan. I had to repay bitch Harold for not fighting me." Kasai said this and vanished, reforming in Emilio's office.

(Kasai to the other members of the Legendary Six) Kasai slipped on a mask and ran out of Emilio's office. He landed inside the building and kicked Harold in the wall "I'M SPIDER MAAAAAAANNNNN!!!"

(Kasai to an Underground Overlord) "And you think you can get laid with pricks for pussies? Anyways, this is my product."